AlMuslimoon Society of North America

Al-Muslimoon Society of North America is an Islamic organization which promote peace and unity between Muslims and non-Muslims around the world

Important message to All Muslims

 Assalamu alaikum

To:  Muslim scholars, leaders, peace activists, Islamic Societies, and Muslim religious, social, and cultural organizations worldwide.

Subject: Celebrating "Quran Day" Worldwide


As you know, the Glorious Quran is the word of Allah (SWT). It has been preserved in its original form and its peaceful and harmonious message since it was revealed, to this day. Due to the lack of knowledge among the Non-Muslim community (about the Quran and its meaning), certain individuals have spread false ideas, such as the promotion of violence and hatred towards others in the Quran.  Along with this, the demand for a better understanding of the Quran has also increased at large by the desire of non Muslim wanting to read the translation the Quran.  In order to response to this demand, an attempt as been made to organize the spread of the awareness of this issue.

It was suggested by the chairman of Al-Muslimoon Society of North America, to designate a day as “Worldwide Quran Day”, in which Muslims around the globe, can study and spread the message of the Nobel Quran.

Proposed activities

The following activities have been proposed for International Quran Day:

1.      The greatness of the Nobel Quran should be discussed in Friday Sermons.

2.      Open houses geared towards the local public.

3.      Quran conferences and seminars focused on its meaning and the messages within.

4.      Quranic Calligraphy in the form of pictures and paintings be displayed.

5.      Competitions of the recitation of the Nobel Quran, along with contests on articles regarding the Quran and its understanding.

6.      An in-depth discussion on the scientific proofs and the miracles of the Nobel Quran. 

7.      Book stalls ranging from Quran translations to Quran transliteration, along with different books about the Quran itself.

8.      T-Shirts, wristbands,  stickers, key chains, and other souvenirs contain the message of the Quran

9.      Free translations of the Quran available for distribution

10.  A public awareness campaign be held in the form of billboard advertisements, TV commercials, and radio ads.

Date of "Quran Day" every year

After consulting with several Muslim scholars and religious leaders, it was unanimously agreed upon that the first Friday of March be selected as the International Quran Day. We at Al-Muslimoon Society of North America, call upon the Muslim Ummah worldwide to positively respond to this issue and be united on this matter.

Therefore, every year, the first Friday of March will be observed as International Quran Day.  It is humbly requested that all religious communities take a part in this cause, and do the effort to promote this campaign. Please visit us at to sign your name among the    many that support this cause.

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