AlMuslimoon Society of North America

Al-Muslimoon Society of North America is an Islamic organization which promote peace and unity between Muslims and non-Muslims around the world



We at provide a variety of services to enhance and advance professionalism within the Muslim community.  These services being offered to Islamic Centers, Masajids, Islamic Schools, Islamic Institutes, Islamic Organizations, Muslim businesses, Youth organizations, residents Imams, and public speakers.  
The following is a list of the services we offer:

Services being offer to Islamic Centers and Schools 

a) Organizational Development

1.     Setup a non-profit organization.

2.     Setup a Master plan.

3.     Batter organization step by step.

4.     Bylaws of an Islamic organization.

5.     Boards and Committees.

6.     Tax Exemption.

7.      Professionalism.

8.     Employment.

  b) Management/ Operational Tools.

1.     Organization of Meeting and minutes.

2.     ACTION PLANS: We also provide training on action plans for different areas of your organization such as, director action plan, Imam's action plan, budget planning, money Management, and act.

3.     FUNDRAISERS: We provide fund raising services to help organize fund raiser events with different ways to collect funds and make the organization financially sound and strong.

4.     Money management.

5.     Social Events planning.

6.     LEARNING ACTIVITIES: We provide comprehensive learning activities for your organization such as conferences, workshops, and different classes, halaqat of knowledge, fiqh seminars, and panel discussions.

7.     OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: camping, youth lock-ins, educational trips, sport competitions, entertainment programs


8.     PUBLICATIONS: We also provide attractive templates for the publication of your organization such as, Newsletters, Student/ Parent handbooks, Bylaws, Dawah material, and Annual prayer time calendar

9.     WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT:  We offer multiple designs with different options to promote your organizations online

c) Sunday School Management

1.     Sunday School curriculum

2.     Sunday School text books

3.     Teaching techniques.

4.     Lesson plans.

5.     Office documentations.

6.     Certificates/Awards.

7.     Report Cards.

8.     Calendars.

9.     Field trips.

10.                        Graduation Ceremony

d) Summer School Program

1.     Complete solution for a successful summer school

2.     Field trips and outdoor activities.

3.     Graduation Ceremony

e) Qur'anic & Arabic Schools

1.     Set-up for Quranic School

2.     Arabic Classes.


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